My Role





Desktop- and Mobile-App


As a UI designer for mobile devices it can be a big pain to preview your designs on an actual mobile device. That’s Eliminate disconnects,
slow transmissions and
switching applications.
why two friends of mine and I had the idea to reimagine the mobile design preview process by creating our own solution. We came up with Collaview, a tool which combines three main preview modes: The file mode, the live rectangle and the Photoshop connect function. Everything in one single app and faster than ever before.

Desktop App

Everything starts with the server application. You throw your files there on our tiny status bar icon and you will be able to start your server in that window.

Work in Progress

The app was still in development while I published this case study. So the workflow changes almost daily. Our goal was to achieve a design, which is very simple but still has it’s own character. That’s why we put a lot of effort in a well-thought UX paired with outstanding visual design and iconography.

What’s so special about it?

We offer you 3 different methods to preview your beautiful designs on your mobile device


Collaview will be available for many different platforms and we are adding more and more


Thanks to our groundbreaking technology, streaming has never been faster than with Collaview


Every connected client can choose between different files—even different Photoshop tabs


From a simple idea to a sophisticated result: Every detail has to look perfect when you scale your icon up. We put much effort in building a polished and outstanding icon to be recognizable at first sight. The icon will always be the first impression of the customer, when using our app.

Feature Icons

To get the user even more excited, we created four icons for our major app features. The user should have fun to explore all our advantages. That’s why we put so much effort into the web- and icon design.

We kept the not so important icons in subtle colors with some important highlights to push them a bit out, but not too much. Our main app icon should be always the most important visual element!