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iPhone App


Sooshi is an iPhone application all about one of the most delicious food. Whether you are new to the whole topic or you are already a fan of sushi: You will find tons of information about what sushi is, how to prepare sushi and where to find the best sushi place.

Maki Sushi

One of the most popular sushi type is the Maki Sushi, or “rolled sushi”. Our app provides the most common maki rolls and an instruction of how to make a roll by yourself. You can interactively browse through the how-tos.

Nigiri Sushi

Besides the Maki rolls there is the gently hand-formed Nigiri Sushi. For a great Nigiri (which means “squeezed”) you need the right balance between the topping and the rice.

Like for the Maki rolls, you have interactive instructions for Nigiris in our App as well.

Gunkanmaki Sushi

The Gunkanmaki Sushi is very similar to the Nigiri sushi: On top of a hand-formed clump of sushi rice goes the topping. Because the Gunkanmaki topping is usually very loose, everything is wrapped up in a Nori strip.


For making sushi you will need several utensils. So we added the most important ones to a small list for you, where you can find information about how to deal with each utensil.

Merging content and user interface

Since we always wanted to do an iOS application and not a book about sushi, we worked on a concept to bring our illustrations to life. As in the app description mentioned, we wanted to give the user an overview over the main types of sushi, without cludder and with illustrations, which fit into a beautiful user interface.

Our renderings were kept in one similar lighting situation to pop out all details and to be able to show them all together on one beautiful screen. The challenge now was to develop a UI which doesn’t destroy the illustration’s beauty, but also doesn’t look static and boring …


The first step before starting with the UI design was to think about the app’s structure. Therefore we created a flowchart with all views that needed to be done.

Main Menu

The starting point of the app should have been as brilliant as possible. That’s why we chose rich colors for every category and a fullscreen slider to swipe between the main categories: Sushi, Utensils, Fish, Ingredients and Restaurants.

In addition to the illustrations, we added a parallax effect to every home tile, in order to emphasize the depth.

User Interface

While going through tons of iterations, we decided to go with a dark, very minimalistic approach. The UI should pronounce the strong kicklights of our graphic elements, but it also should have depth and indicate the content’s hierarchy.

We also decided to completely customize Sooshi’s look, even the map in our restaurant finder. It was an extremely tricky part, to go beyond the map SDK provided by Apple.

Motion Design