Toyota USA

My Role





Saatchi & Saatchi LA


Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles offered me the possibility to work on an interesting challenge: They hired me to create Create original icons
for Toyota USA
original icons for an online community for Toyota. The agency gave me the opportunity to develop some polished icons and to work closely together with the design team in California. The result should have fit perfectly into the online community and should have been visually appealing.

What I Did

I went through several rounds of sketching, 3D modeling, shading, rendering and retouching. The client gave me the freedom to start from scratch. For every topic I made 2-4 sketches with ideas of how to picture the right metaphor. The icons should not have been generic, so it was mandatory to find the right ideas with character.

On the other hand the icons should have been recognizable in smaller sizes, too. So I needed to set focus points and be aware of choosing the right colors to keep everything structured. After the sketches I started to model the main elements in 3D and furthermore I arranged the elements according to my sketches.

Blocking out the
3D elements

After building all the necessary models, I needed to think about their shading and texturing. So I came up with many individual materials …


The perfect materials are essential for a great looking icon. Therefore it is not a big secret that these working step

takes a lot of time – maybe it is the most time-consuming process in the creation of an icon.

Red Plastic

Simple plastic material with slightly blurred reflections and strong specular lights.

Scratched Metal

Procedural bump shader for the scratches, combined with strong, blurry reflections.

Texture Maps

Some materials need to be extended by some graphical 2D drawings or text information.

All Materials

Combining all shaders and all textures together is difficult. All materials interact with each other.


To emphasize the brand’s consistent quality, I visualized these awards.
They should stand on their own as a strong graphic element.